Economic Development + School Reform

Real-world curriculum promotes college + career readiness. Schools can tailor strategies that promote their unique local unique economic strength - creating competitive advantage for young people, communities, and metropolitan regions.

Connecting industry partners with oakland unified school district's (OUSD) linked learning educational goals + strategies

Elizabeth Schmid, Mark Shorett + Gretchen Livesey PLUS Report, 2014

OUSD's career academies and pathways are the foundation of its work-based learning strategy, known as Linked Learning. This instructional approach provides students with the resources and skills necessary to succeed in college, career and life. But according to this report, educators and industry professionals struggle to connect on meaningful collaboration projects.

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Career Academies and Economic Opportunity in East Oakland

Heather Imboden PLUS Report, 2013

This project seeks to identify opportunities for Youth UpRising (YU) to support and collaborate with the OUSD in developing a new career academy at Castlemont High School. This paper analyzes potential career academies against the current economic and educational landscape of the East Bay and provides tools for YU and OUSD to work together in the develoopment of a career academy at Castlemont High School.

Integrating Sustainable Community Planning and Public Education

Chaya Nayak PLUS Report, 2013

The purpose of this report is to analyze and identify shared visions and goals between ABAG and educators, and develop recommendations for aligning programs and policies to reach such goals.

The Role of Career Academies in realizing ousd's full-service  community school district-wide policy and goals

Aixle Aman PLUS Report, 2012

After reviewing the policy landscape and placement of SUDA within Oakland's social network, this report seeks to answer how a career academy can transform a school into a full-service community learning center and simultaneously address community development goals.

Aligning Funding for Education in Bayview Hunter's Point

Darren Gapultos PLUS Report, 2013

In partnership with the SFUSD, this research project utilizes official documents and key stakeholder interviews ot create landscape analysis that attempts to address the following question: What community development initiatives will support and improve the educational attainment of pre-k to 12th grade youth attending SFUSD schools located in the Bayview neighborhood and what connections between these initiatives can SFUSD leverage so that resources support district policies?


Center for Cities + Schools Symposium with Bruce Katz and Arlene Ackerman, Fall 2004

This paper summarizes a discussion held at a CC+S-hosted symposium during its first year in operation. The symposium itself intitiated a dialogue between public schools, city officials and business interests in regards to recognizing and enhancing the connection between public education and urban planning. Many of the big ideas the Center focuses its research on today were introduced at this event.


Center for Cities + Schools Symposium with Pedro Noguera and Tom Bates, Spring 2005

This symposium united an urban scholar and an urban decision-maker to discuss their ideas of how the gap between schools and cities should be addressed. The speakers focus on fostering collaboration between schools and businesses as well as schools and universities in order to improve opportunities for urban youth.