Impact + Testimonies

"Those that can be active translators, with expertise in this space of the relationship between housing and education, are so important. That is exactly what Center for Cities + Schools is."
Salin Geevarghese, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy Development & Research, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
“I want to thank you for the Center’s policy work these last three years and specifically the recommendations contained in your publications. The Center’s policy work has assisted our Division and the CDE to consider a wide range of policy options and networks of interest, specifically those affecting community outcomes in such areas as health, land use and transportation. The Center’s infrastructure investment report provided the sole voice for the intersection of the State’s sustainability and planning goals and the State School Facilities bond program as well as a needs assessment value that here-to-fore had not been determined or discussed in the public arena.”
Kathleen Moore, Director, School Facilities and Transportation Services, California Department of Education


“Dr. Vincent and the CC&S team have been an invaluable ally and partner to the work of the Health in All Policies Task Force for over two years. CC&S provides expert guidance to the HiAP staff team on the complex nature of school facility decision-making (including school siting and joint use policies) and the web of stakeholders that are engaged in the work to advance healthy and sustainable school siting in California. The HiAP Task Force would not be engaged in this work to the depth that they are without the deep and trusted knowledge and guidance from CC&S.”
Julia Caplan, Program Director, Public Health Institute, California Health in All Policies Task Force


“CC+S is an important and respected voice in our statewide discussion regarding the future of the school facilities program. I have found CC+S's work important in providing State Allocation Board policy makers with strong background information regarding issues related to school facilities. CC+S's strong research and independent assessments have helped to focus the discussion of the SAB’s Program Review Subcommittee. Dr. Vincent’s testimony at one of the Subcommittee’s hearings provided insights and support for a thorough discussion of significant school facilities issues facing the state—including equity in school facilities, the need for program reconsideration, and the importance of a statewide school facilities inventory and assessments. ”
Bill Savidge, Assistant Executive Officer, California State Allocation Board


“It was a pleasure to participate in your December 2012 statewide symposium on schools and health policy! CC+S did an outstanding job of summarizing the symposium and next steps. I've already shared the report with several stakeholders here in LA County, including LAUSD.”
Eloísa Gonzalez, Director, Cardiovascular and School Health, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health


“CC+S’s knowledge and expertise on the subject played a key role in helping us identify and understand the real opportunity to address health and equity in the review of the school facility program and potential 2014 school facilities bond. CC+S remains a key partner in informing and engaging health and equity advocates around this issue.”
Brandon Kitagawa, Policy Associate, Regional Asthma Management and Prevention